Organization Seals

Traditional Seal scriptTraditional Seal script

Organization Seals
Custom Seal for the school, association, organization will be carved on square or round stone. Please chose the size of stone and design that you desire.
Logo carving is available for Round stone or certain sizes of square stone.
Please call for a free consultation of the design idea and estimate at 1(866)733-0214.

Varieties of Fonts to choose from
*Seal Script (Most traditional and graceful appearance)
*Modern Font ( School name with Katakana, brush stroke font etc.)
*Korean (Hangul)

Logos, symbols, creeds, mottoes etc. can be added on your request.

Seal script & KatakanaSeal script & Katakana

Organization SealOrganazation Seal

Organization Seal ClassicOrganization Seal Classic

Organization SealOrganization Seal

Sanmon DojoHaku-bun

Martial Art Style SealMartial Art Style Seal

Modern script & LogoModern script & Logo

Seal script  School name & Martial Arts StyleSeal script School name & Martial Arts Style

Seal script (Haku-bun) & LogoSeal script (Haku-bun) & Logo

Animal LogoAnimal Logo

Organization Seal KoreanKorean Font Hangul

Organization Seal ?Organization Seal ?

Organization Seal design by the customerOrganization Seal design by the customer

Organization Seal Round SOrganization Seal 1 1/8" R