Personal Seal

Personal Seals

Personal seals are for identifying yourself with a unique signature mark. You can chose the size, design, and shape of the stone to suit the use you have in mind, be it personal stationary, official documents or large certificates.
Your title and martial arts style may be carved if you desire.

Varieties of Font to choose from
*Seal Script (Most traditional and graceful in appearance)
*Modern Font ( School name with Katakana, brush stroke font etc.)
*Korean (Hangul)

Logos, symbols, creeds, mottos etc. can be added on your request.

Chieko SealChieko Seal

Sensei RonSensei Ron

Personal Seal KatakanaPersonal Seal Katakana

Personal Seal (9)Personal Seal (9)

Personal Seal (8)Personal Seal (8)

Personal Seal Shu-bunPersonal Seal Haku-bun

Personal Seal Round KaikyakuPersonal Seal Round Symbol

Personal Seal Round Seal scriptPersonal Seal Round Seal script

Personal Seal RoundPersonal Seal Round Korean & modern Japanese

Fish LogoFish Logo Modern Japanese

Roud sealRound seal Seal script

Personal Seal Modern KanjiPersonal Seal Modern Kanji


Personal Seal smallPersonal Seal small

Personal Seal small Haku-bunPersonal Seal small Haku-bun