Tenkoku Stone Seal Carving by Akiyo

Beautiful Tradition

Tenkoku Stone Seal Carving

1 1/2" Round with Logo

Tenkoku stone seal carving is derived from the ancient TEN-SHO carvings which were carved in the stone monuments and in gold and bone in ancient China. This style was fully developed in the KAN and SHIN dynasties. Eventually Tensho evolved into modern Kanji which is in use today throughout Asia.

In Japan both Kanji and a modern form called Katakana is utilized, however Katakana is based on the specific sound of each syllable. Modern Kanji and the ancient Tensho Kanji characters are based on specific pictogram or images that have complete meaning by themselves.

When these characters are arranged then carved on a seal, the completed Stone Seal Stamp becomes a pictogram showing who you are, past, present and future and is totally unique, like a fingerprint.
The Seal should be viewed as a whole both as a translation and as an art piece at the same time.

Throughout the ages Seal Stamps have been used by many people to sign their art work or as a personal signature for official documents or certificates. Tensho style calligraphy is used frequently because of its artistic quality and its unique pictorial imagery.

Akiyo has carved for martial art instructors, architects, artists, calligraphers, painters, writers, people involved with spiritual practices, and many others.

Akiyo Ten