Basic information

Shu-bun: Shu-bun (Red characters on the white background)Shu-bun

Haku-bun: Haku-bun (White characters on the red background)Haku-bun

These original carvings by Akiyo show two options
Red characters on White background ( Shu-bun ) or
White characters on Red background ( Haku-bun ).

Your seal characters are carefully selected based on name, personal info and any other background information you provide. I pride myself in providing accurate and well researched translations of your name or any other text. This is done with a very unique system of cross referencing and intuitive knowledge.

Each syllable of your name, for example could be translated into many different characters.

I select each character based on how it fits together with the other characters as a whole to form a pictogram or image. The other consideration is the artistic composition and design.

Carving is meticulously done by hand to produce these enduring art pieces. Subtle irregularities and breaks in line are natural and add to the beauty and individuality of each Stone Seal.

You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity which is numbered and signed by Akiyo with a translation record showing each character with its meaning.

Please browse the images and info below as well as the Samples and References pages.
General pricing guidelines are listed below each size Seal Stone Set based on number of characters.
Akiyo Ten

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