2"sq. or Round (6" H)

2" x 2" square Dragon Seal
stone size 2"x 2"x 4"h
1 1/2" sq. or Round

Stone may not be exactly as shown.

This personalized carved Stone Seal comes in a satin lined box with separate ceramic cased red ink pad called Dragon Blood. English full name, personal information, special logos or Kanji characters will help to choose the appropriate characters. This size is particularily suitable for School, Association Seals with Logos.

8-9 characters/ $385.00
12 characters/ $400.00

2"diameter Round Dragon Seal is also available.
stone size 2" diameter 6"h
8-9 characters/ from $385.00
12 characters/ from $400.00

Center Logo Optional for Cylinder stone. Additional charge.